Beachbody Challenge Grand Prize Finalist

When is the last time you looked in a mirror and really liked what you saw? Three years ago I avoided mirrors at all costs because I absolutely hated what I saw. I did not set out to become a Beachbody Challenge Winner. In fact I had serious doubts I would even get goal. Facing insurmountable odds my one goal at the time was just try, try my hardest to lose 50 pounds. I never even dreamed of becoming a Beachbody Challenge Grand Prize Finalist Winner. In fact I had no idea such a thing even existed.

We are truly living in a time when hard work and success is greatly rewarded. I remember being 457 pounds and watching shows like The Biggest Loser and hoping and praying I could receive the help those contestants were getting. My friends, hoping and praying simply is not enough. You have to take action. Who knows had I actually applied to The Biggest Loser perhaps I might have been selected. Instead I nothing but sit and wallow in my own self misery.

One day I said to myself, enough is enough, you have to do something! And that is the day I began to realize that I had the power to help myself. I set out little by little, step by step and day by day committed to an effort to just lose 50 pounds. As the weight started coming off and my success was really starting to show I began to believe I might actually have a shot at becoming a Beachbody Challenge Winner. I submitted my photos with a slight doubt that anyone would even bother to look at them. But let me tell you, they DO look at those submissions. Each and every one of them. Who would have ever guessed that not only would I lose 292 but I’d be standing here with a check for $25,000? All told I’ve won $31,000 in the Beachbody Challenge and it’s been the experience of a lifetime.

Walking the Stage at the Beachbody Challenge

In addition to the money I’ve won a trip to Los Angelos, California which you can read about in my Beachbody Challenge Quarterly Winner article, and a trip to the exciting Las Vegas where I got to walk across a glittery stage with thousands of cheering fans. You can tell by my smile just how thrilled I was to be there. To say I felt like a celebrity is putting it mildly.

And speaking of celebrities, I met so many while I was there. I’ll be sharing my experiences with you so be sure to stay tuned. If there is one thought I’d like to leave you with it’s this, dreams do come true. Not by wishing but by doing. Are you ready to live your dreams? Are you tired of wishing you could lose weight and are finally ready to get started? Leave a comment below, inbox me or click the button below to sign up with me as your free Beachbody Coach. I’m ready to help you realize your goals!

Are You Ready To Be The Next Beachbody Challenge Winner?

Don’t let fear and doubt prevent you from living the life you want to live or from being the best that you can be. Your goals are achievable. If you are ready to look in the mirror and LOVE what you see, let me help guide you to success.