Beachbody Challenge Monthly Winner

Competing To Become A Beachbody Challenge Monthly Winner

One of the most important things you want to do in order to compete in the Beachbody Challenge is document your progress. When I started my weight loss journey I wanted to be certain to have plenty of documentation of just where I started and how I’d progressed along the way. I even started sharing my weight loss story on my Youtube Channel.

I’m not saying you need to start a Youtube channel but you do need to keep photos. Aim for a monthly body shot session. I know the last thing you want to do is photograph yourself at this stage. If you look at some of body shots I look like I’m agony. But if I didn’t have those photos I’d have never been able to compete in Beachbody Challenge.

Finding The Courage To Compete In The Beachbody Challenge

Entering a competition with national exposure is harder than you may think. Yes winning is great but with the win comes exposure. I finally understood the type of courage it takes to expose your entire story to a nationwide audience. I honestly struggled with my decision to enter for weeks. I just didn’t want to be that vulnerable.

“But wait, don’t you have a Youtube Channel?” you ask. Even though I talk candidly on Youtube i pretend I’m speaking to myself. I never promoted my channel. And certainly never told anyone I knew about. Slowly but surely people started finding me. But those were mostly people just like me. People struggling with weight or body issues.

What It’s Like To Be Beachbody Challenge Monthly Winner

What’s it actually like to be the Beachbody Challenge Monthly Winner? I gotta say it feels pretty amazing. My worries, turns out, were unfounded. Yes I had a bit of negative feedback. But the outpouring of support was overwhelming. So many people reached out to me who are currently going through the struggles I’ve endured. People wanting to know how I did it and if I would help them achieve the same level of success. That is the reason I decided to become a Beachbody Coach. I want people who are feeling hopeless as I once did to know that a bright future awaits them.