Black Women Losing Weight

Black Women Losing Weight was the first time I made a fully committed attempt to share my story so publicly. Of course I speak openly about losing weight on my Youtube channel. However, I hadn’t actually told anyone I knew about my channel. Knowing I would soon have to share my experiences with the Team Beachbody community I figured I’d better toughen my skin.

Sharing My Story With Black Women Losing Weight

Opening up so publicly about an issue so difficult to talk about  is scary to say the least. Black Women Losing Weight is an online community of just that. Black women and their attempts at losing weight. They have a very strong community on their website and on Facebook as well. It’s a huge network full of inspirational weight loss stories from black women. Because I felt more at home here it was easier to share my story here.

The Cat Is Out Of The Bag

I knew it was unlikely I would see anyone I knew on Black Women Losing Weight. Because they share their stories on Facebook I figured their was a very good chance people I knew would finally know the truth. This was the scariest part of all. I told myself it is more important to share my story and help inspire others than to worry about what naysayers would have to say.

Once released my story spread like wild fire, generating some 6,000 likes. That was staggering to me. So was the overwhelming support. There is a saying “Don’t be afraid to share your story, you never know who you may inspire” I found out that day just how true that was. As expected this story made it to my wall. All of my friends finally found the truth. And to my surprise some of them were also struggling with weight issues of their own. Again the support was overwhelming.

Of course there were a few negative Nellies but very few. And I told myself If someone can find fault in someone doing good then that person will find fault in anything.

 The Black Women Losing Weight Movement

For far too long the black community has taken a blase approach to health and fitness. Somehow it became acceptable and almost preferred for black women to be overweight. Words like “thick”, “phat” and even “healthy” were commonly used to describe overweight black women. I am proud to be a part of Black Women Losing Weight. I am glad to see the African American community embracing a healthier lifestyle and refusing to accept fat as a normal way of life.

I want to inspire and help black women who want to change their lives and reach for better health and fitness. Years of fat acceptance can make it very difficult to even know what a healthy body image is. Growing up I was what was known as “big boned”. Somehow I always believed that was true. I honestly thought that I was a natural plus size and always would be. Because I was told that by pretty much everyone I knew.

I knew I could lose weight but I never knew I could actually have a healthy and fit body. I take this opportunity to tell anyone reading this, you can too.