Favorite Exercise Equipment

What’s your favorite exercise equipment? That was the question asked of the fittube vloggers last week. For those of you who don’t know FitTube or #fittube is a hashtag we use on Youtube to promote our health and fitness related videos. So if you are on Youtube, Facebook, Google+, Twitter or Instagram try hash tagging #fittube. You’ll find the latest videos from our group of fitness bloggers and vloggers. By the way, if you are a fitness blogger or just love to exercise and have a Youtube channel contact me if you’d like to join our team.

Follow These Fittube Vloggers For Fitness Inspiration

1. MeOnlyBetter2013 – This is my Youtube Channel. Click Here To Subscribe. My channel’s focus is on weight loss, exercise, fitness and all things Beachbody.

2.Pamela Bruesehoff– Pamela is blogger and vlogger and founder of Gym Free Fitness. Pamela provides “useful information to help you attain your health and fitness goals including fitness and nutrition information, recipes, reviews, time saving tips, motivation, and workout routines” in a gym free enviornment.

3. Sweshfit – Join Markita of Sweshfit on her channel. She would like to show viewers how to meet your fitness goals in this busy world.

4. Femme Fitale – Diatta is the founder of Femme Fitale and she along with Pamela Bruesehoff also founded this fittube community. The goal of her channel is to inspire women  to live healthy and fit lifestyles.

5.The Clean Eating Teen – Get to know Natalie. She’s the clean eating teen. Isn’t that a fun name? Natalie is a teen who is into eating clean, whole foods, weight lifting and yoga.

5.The Body Workout Tv – The Body Workout TV is the Youtube channel of Sheila and she is great at showing you how to get your workouts in at home.

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Join The Fittube Community Each and Every Week

We aim to produce health or fitness videos each week so be sure to hashtag #fittube on your favorite social network to see the latest episodes. And remember if you want in on the Fittube challenge contact me or comment below!