Extreme Weight Loss Transformation: Losing 100 lbs or More

My extreme weight loss transformation came after I decided I didn’t want to turn 50 in my morbidly obese body. I wanted to live again. I wanted to be happy again. I wanted to make the most of the rest of my life. Like anyone who needs to lose 100bls or more I told myself time and time again that it would be impossible to lose all that weight. I even envisioned myself in one of those modified caskets. That’s a grisley thought I know but it was my reality.

How does one become so grossly overweight. Most people who’ve never had a weight problem are likely to believe the person has no self control, are lazy or just eat too much. While these facts often become truth they are rarely where the problem starts. For me depression, isolation and complications from an unfortunate car accident just compounded problems with a life long food addiction.

Extreme Weight Loss: How Do You Get Started?

If you have to lose 100 pounds or more you are most likely feeling hopeless. The more you have to lose the more desperate you become. You want more than anything to lose the weight but you have unwavering obstacles standing in your way.

My biggest obstacle was the belief that I couldn’t do it. At 457 pounds I clearly needed to lose at least 275 pounds and preferably 300. That seemed completely impossible. Finally I stopped thinking and started doing. By this time I was so uncomfortable in my body and  in physical and mental pain I knew I had to something. I still believed I couldn’t lose 275 pounds but I told myself if I could at least lose 50 pounds I might be able to walk comfortably again. So I set out to lose just 50 pounds.

Getting started isn’t easy but it is imperative. There’s no getting around that. If you don’t find some reason to get started your situation will only become worse. So to answer the question “How do you get started?” you just do. At this point nothing matters more than taking that first step.

Common Objectives That Prevent Us From Beginning Our Weight Loss Journey

  • An overwhelming belief that the goal is hopelessly out of reach.
  • Not knowing how to get started.
  • Lack of support.
  • Sabotagers who will lead you to believe you can’t or don’t need to do it.
  • A belief that extreme weight loss can’t be achieved without surgery.

Enduring the Weight Loss Journey: How Do You Stay Focused?

Getting started was hard. Staying focused just might be harder. If you are looking to lose 100 pounds it’s safe to say that could take a year. Though you may do it in less plan for at least 1 year. Now add another year for every 100 pounds you need to lose. Wow. Seems daunting doesn’t it? How do you stay on a road that seems never ending? How do you stay motivated when the numbers on the scale are down but the changes in your body aren’t visible? How do you keep pushing when the scale stops moving? Extreme weight loss can be difficult but with the right tools it’s highly possible.

Through out the year many things will change. Family problems will occur. There will be holidays and celebrations. Some days you just won’t feel like dieting or exercising.

Tips to help you stay focused

  • Don’t think of the road ahead: Embrace the challenge on a day by day basis. Focus on your plan each day. It doesn’t matter how long it takes to you lose the weight. The fact is, God willing, you will here at the end of the year and you will either be fitter or fatter.
  • Think of your fitness journey as your job: Some days you are too tired to go to work. Your boss gets on your nerves or the workload seems overwhelming. No matter the challenges you have to go to work or you don’t get paid. Worse yet you get fired. Your commitment to your fitness should be just as important to you as your job. Expect challenges along the way and prepare yourself to deal with them.
  • Weigh in moderation: It’s a good idea to weigh in once a month. Hopping on the scale every day can make you obsessive and distraught and could lead to self sabatoge. Weighing in once a month is an excellent motivator because you are apt to see the best results.
  • Realize your victories: When I first started I’d lose 5 to 7 pounds a month. That’s not much when you are 457 pounds. But for me it was a huge victory because finally the scale had stopped going up. Don’t beat yourself up for “only” losing 5 pounds. Congratulate yourself for doing so.

How Do You Lose 100 Pounds or More?

A journey to extreme weight loss takes focus and dedication. I’m proof that it is indeed possible. And surprisingly so at most points it’s not even difficult. Your key to finding extreme weight loss success is putting together a plan that works best for you. If you are serious about losing 100 pounds you can’t keep jumping on “the next best thing”. You need a structured plan that you will be able to follow. I once heard a woman say she planned to lose 200 lbs on a water fast. If it sounds too good to be true then it probably is. Be prepared to work for what you want. Remember it is your job.

Where To Find Support For Extreme Weight Loss

It’s easier to reach your goals when you have a strong support system. Having someone in your corner will keep you focused and motivated when you feel like giving up. This is essential especially when it comes extreme weight loss as it may be a particularly long journey. Watching someone succeed is inspiring. Having someone to share your struggles with may mean the difference in going on or giving up.

The problem with having to lose 100 pounds or more is that even if you find a weight loss buddy more than likely they will be done way before you. Even if your goals similar that person may give up or perhaps their ambition doesn’t match yours.

That’s where I come in. With me as your coach you will have support and encouragement from someone who knows your struggle first hand. I have been on an extreme weight loss journey. I lived it everyday for 3 years. Many of the things you will go through I have already been through. I am more than willing to share my knowledge with you. I’m also here when you need a reminder of just why you started this journey.

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Are You Ready To Really Live Again?

Don’t let nagging doubt prevent you from living the life you want to live pr being the best that you can be. Your goals are achievable. Whether you need to lose those last stubborn pounds or are looking to start your own extreme weight loss journey, let me help guide you to success.