Fitness Friday On The Steve Harvey Morning Show

magine my surprise and excitement when I was contacted by Darryl Haley from the Steve Harvey Morning Show. Darryl reached out to me on Facebook after seeing my feature on Black Women Weight Loss Success. Darryl asked if I would like to be featured in his segment Fitness Friday. Sure! That sounds great what do I need to do?

Darryl sent me all the proper legal forms and directed me to WHUR‘s website where the article would be featured. While I was there I took a look at some previous Fitness Friday features to get a feel for exactly what it was he was looking for. I was nervous and not quite sure what he needed me to put together.

Once I visited the site my nervousness turned to sheer panic. These people were FIT! I mean really fit. I didn’t look anything like that. Oh gosh what have I gotten myself into??? I was really intimidated but oh well too late to turn back now.

Thanks To Black Weight Loss Success

Of course if I hadn’t shared my story on Black Women Losing Weight  Darryl would have never found me. As I said in my previous article, sharing my story has bought nothing but positivity. Thanks to opening up for the very first time I’ve been given the opportunity to spread my inspiration in ways I’ve never dreamed possible.