FitTube Tag: Getting To Know You

Yay I’m joining an awesome group of fitness, health & wellness and running bloggers in a FitTube Tag challenge! I’m super excited and motivated to get back into Vlogging again as I haven’t done it for a while. I feel terrible to leave my Youtube channel so neglected. This is just the proper boost I’ve been needing. So just what is FitTube? Well I’m not sure what the topics will be from week to week but the gyst of it is that each blogger/vlogger will be challenged to answer 20 questions via video each week I believe. The FitTube questions will go up each Wednesday. Yes I know today is Thursday but I just found out about it! The FitTube challenge should be fun and informative and a great way for you to get to know more about me and my fellow fitness bloggers. I hope you’ll tune in each Wednesday. Visit each blogger and subscribe to your favorites. And of course you’ll subscribe to MeOnlyBetter2013 or I’ll cry my heart out.

Want a sneak peek of who is joining us for this initial round?

See below and click on their names to get to their Youtube Channel and subscribe so you don’t miss ONE FitTube Tag video as it’s published.  You can also search for our videos using hashtag #fittube on Youtube.

Diatta | Femme Fitale Fit Club

Veronica | Me Only Better Fitness

Markita | Sweshfit

Tiki | Healthy Living Tiki

Natalie | Clean Eating Teen

Pamela | Gym Free Fitness

Sheila | The Frugal Exerciser