Les Mills Pump Results

Les Mills Pump was the first Beachbody work out program I tried. I discovered Les Mills Pump late one night while watching an infomercial. At this point in my weight loss transformation I had been doing moderate walking on the treadmill. I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to tone up enough.

Though I had access to a full gym I didn’t have any idea how to the various machines. I remember wishing that I had someone to teach me how to properly train my muscles. Who says wishes don’t come true? That’s when I saw the infomercial for Les Mills Pump. I knew instantly I had to have it.

But What If? Say No To Negative Thoughts

The very next day I ordered Les Mills Pump and my obsession with Beachbody began. I acted promptly but believe me I had my doubts. You know those typical nagging thoughts that prevent you from trying?

  • My gosh that’s a lot of money –  Yeah it was a lot of money but I was spending more than that on fast food and dining out. And look where that had gotten me.
  • I’ll never be able to do that –  How would I know unless I tried? If worse came to worse I’d just do the best I could. Anything is better than doing nothing.
  • What if doesn’t work? –  This one is almost laughable. Of course it’s going to work. Did I think they obtained those bodies by NOT working out? From the looks of my own body I’d guess not.
  • What if I buy this and never use it? –  This was my final resistance. To which I told myself “At least you will have it when you are ready”. But I was ready then so why prolong it?

The Les Mills Pump Work Out

I am so happy I finally made an effort to do something positive for myself. To stop wasting the precious years of my life in a body that was making me miserable. Popping in that DVD for the first time was exciting. Yes I was somewhat apprehensive. When I started Les Mills Pump I was 357 pounds. I had serious doubts whether I would be able to do the moves. For the most part it was completely achievable even at my weight.

I had no upper body strength so for a very long time I only used the 5 lb plates. And that’s ok. They even give you the option to work out with just the bar or with no bar at all until you are comfortable with the moves. At my weight I had issues with my knee joints so I substituted the lunges with a shallow squat. Of course my squats were shallow too.

Les Mills PUMP Results

I did Les Mills Pump for 6 months straight and as you can see I achieved some pretty good results. I still reach for Les Mills on and off depending on which routine I’m doing. It ties in well with any cardio routine and I frequently use it that way. This is fun workout that will have you feeling strong and powerful. If you are thinking about trying Les Mills PUMP I highly recommend it. Don’t tell yourself “I can’t” tell yourself “At least I can try”.