Mira Instant On Digital Bathroom Scale Review

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

As you can see I got my MIRA Instant On Digital Bathroom Scale and I’ll be reviewing it for you today. The Mira digital bathroom scale arrived not a moment too soon. If you’ll recall from my previous video my last scale stopped working so the timing was perfect.

The Mira Instant On Digital Bathroom Scale is produced by Mira Brands Inc who also put out a digital kitchen scale.  I should probably get one of those kitchen scales as I don’t have one. You can see from the video I was pretty excited to receive this scale. Not only because I needed a new bathroom scale, or at least a new battery. I was excited because I just love the sleek look of this scale by Mira. And it’s black. I love black. The kitchen scale is available in multiple colors, the bathroom scale however is only available in black.

Testing My Mira Instant On Digital Bathroom Scale

Time to hop on the scale. The timing was perfect as I had just gotten back from my doctor’s office so I had an accurate weight to compare it to.

A few features of the Mira Instant On Digital Bathroom Scale that instantly impressed me.

  • The scale isn’t glass or reflective or reflective. This probably isn’t a big deal to most, but for a blogger it’s something consider. When the surface of the scale is reflective you have to go through great pains to omit portions you don’t want showing up in a picture or a video.
  • Glowing blue light. I love black but I also love blue. This scale glows beautifully blue. Aesthetics aside, the backlight is very functional making the numbers readable in any sort of light.
  • Large Digital Readout. The numbers of the scale are very large and you can see, record or photograph them from a distance. I couldn’t do this with my last scale. I needed to become some sort of contortionist to record my weight so that it showed up in a video. With this scale I can record or photograph from a standing position

The MIRA Instant On Digital Bathroom Scale Unboxed

Isn’t it beautiful? I don’t know if it comes in other colors but I do prefer the black. Matched with the chrom it has a very sleek look.

The Weigh In

Time to hop on the scale. Everything seems in order. As I stated above the digital display is easily readable in any light and from standing distance. Oh scale, why didn’t you say 160? Nevermind me, the struggle continues.

mira instant on digital bathroom scale

Wrap up. Where was this scale when I was looking for scales? I like it. Love it even. I hope it lasts long. The scale does come with a 2 year warranty. So that’s reassuring. We’ll see how it fares with battery life as well.


Product Description

ACCURATE: Elegant Slim Good Looks of this accurate bathroom scale adds style to any room. Bathroom scale has a large lighted display for easy reading.

PRECISE: High Precision Sensors on this bathroom scale start automatically; no tapping needed. Step on to this accurate digital bathroom scale and start weighing!

LARGE DISPLAY: Display weight in either pounds or kilograms on this super accurate bathroom scale. Easy to Read bright blue numerals are easy to view.

Measures up to 330 pounds or 150 kilos. Four AAA batteries are included for instant use.

WARRANTY: Two Year Manufacturer’s Warranty Included for this bathroom scale. Great value in digital bathroom scales for a reasonable price. Reliable, Accurate readings on every use of this bathroom scale..