My P90X Results: Bring It! It’s Been Brought

Many women may think P90X is not right for them. Like I once did, they may believe it’s much too difficult. It can be difficult but Tony has lots of modifiers in this program. Even at my weight and lack of muscle tone I was able to get through all of the workouts.

Another reason women may think P90X is not right for them is they think they will bulk up like a man. Not so. I didn’t “bulk up” during P90X but this was the first time I actually saw muscle tone on my body. Case in point, notice the arms in the photo above.

Getting The Most From The P90X Workout

This program as I said was difficult. For me the hardest part was all of the pushups. My upper-body strength is terrible. Or was, it’s improving now. One great thing about this work out is Tony says “Do your best, forget the rest”. That’s just what I did.

There were a lot of varieties of push ups. I could only do two. Standard pushups and girlie pushups. But that’s all I could do so that’s what I did. And that’s ok. Don’t be intimidated. Do what you can you will still see great results

My P90X Results

For me P90X came right after Les Mills Combat. I began taking pictures in my Zagat t-shirt. And because it’s sometimes so difficult to notice our results when you are so large I decided to focus on the fit of shirt.

Back story. When I got this t-shirt I couldn’t fit at all. Not even close. Its been very rewarding to try it on month after month and see the progress I’ve made.

That being said, you can see the progress I’ve made in the photos below. You can’t however REALLY see the progress. That’s what inspired me to take the photo above. I wanted to really be able to see my P90X results. I didn’t however expect to be showcasing them here.

Why You Should Try P90X Even If You Are Afraid

As the saying goes you can’t argue with results. Completing a challenge like this will leave you feeling strong, confident and accomplished. There is a wide variety of workouts in this program so you are not likely to get bored. You will definitely get stronger and fitter. This is a mix between cardio, plying and resistance training. Oh and did I mention there is even some kick boxing which of course I loved. Give it a try and be sure to share your P90X results with me!